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Rafa is on a mission to fund small-scale groups, working to make a positive impact on the environment. The Rafa T is a simple way to contribute to our pool, which we we will allocate once a public vote has been cast from a choice of a range of small activist movements and volunteer-led groups who work towards a better planet (nominated by you).

We are totally new, and will be transparent about where our profit goes, how we use it, and who will benefit from it.

When the first run of 200 Rafa T’s are sold, we’ll create a poll for you to decide where to allocate the profits. @RafaRafaOfficial

We’re a small business, not a charity. But as we know, most charities are run as businesses, and our ethos is as charitable as it can be. Make great things that people love, use the funding to support great people.

Fashion can be powerful, join Rafa and seize the power (bonus: you’ll look great).

“Hi, I’m Rafa. Wear my face, join the community, re-distribute funds towards climate protection…help animals like me, and people too. Climate change is a catastrophe, but with a little help from me and you- and a change in attitudes too (and big business listening, hmm?). Something will change. SOON”

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